Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not the One with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The stop-motion Christmas special that I worked on at Bent Image Lab premiered on national television last Friday! "Jingle All the Way"! The one about the husky puppy. So cute! It was really cool to see my character animation on t.v. for the first time EVER :) The credits went by too fast for me to even see my name, but it's there!

Here's a link to the trailer:


Here's a photo that's been seen in a few places on the internet so far. This picture makes me laugh because we never see Santa's face in the show, but it's shown here. Hahaha!

Duck Strip

Here's another comic that my boyfriend drew and I colored:

And here's just the gun shot panel without the line work. I thought it looked like a cool abstract painting. And that is the only time you will ever see me type the words "abstract painting" and "cool" in the same sentence.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red Hulk

I woke up sick this morning and couldn't go to work. So I drew a Hulk.